The Magic of New Beginnings

New Year Resolutions

With every new beginning, there is always an end. Right now, it’s the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. Although there is no true change between the two years, we as humans still recognize it as a time to try new things and better ourselves. So with the idea of new beginnings in mind, I have finally decided to give this whole blogging thing a good ol’ fashioned try.

We always think that this year is going to be ‘our year.’ We think that some massive miracle is going to happen, and we will be more motivated than in the past. Then February rolls around and we finally accept that we have not changed in the least, and may or may not have spent a hundred dollars on a gym membership we will never use until next New Years rolls around.

That’s the thing about New Years. It a wormhole of hope that we get sucked into and then we’re spit out exactly the same. If there was a Guinness world record for “Most Amount of New Years Resolutions Not Completed,” I’m pretty sure I’d be a shoe-in. Every year I dig through my drawers for my goals notebook, look back at the past year’s failed resolutions, sigh, get distracted by something shiny, reevaluate my life thus far, and then proceed to write a new list of resolutions that, for the first time ever, I tell myself I will fulfill. It’s a vicious cycle I’m caught in.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Well why is 2016 any different?” To be honest, it probably won’t be. And, since I know all of you are very intelligent human beings, this logic must follow in your brain: “Okay so I know this girl is not good at finishing resolutions, and this blog is her 2016 resolution… how do I know she will even finish it?” To that, all I can say is I will try my best to be dedicated, and just try and stick with me.

The Naming of the Blog

If you stumble upon this blog and think that the author (aka me) is someone who has all of her life together and will reveal life’s secrets to success like Buddha, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong page. You only need to look at my gigantic college debt, long list of failed resolutions, and even longer list of things I’ve decided are not worth resolving to change to know that my life is nowhere near what I call the ‘Condolezza Rice’s getting it together-ness level’.

“So Dana,” you may ask, “Why is an average person like you claiming success enough to name your blog Damsel with Success?”

I’ve entitled this blog Damsel with Success for two reasons: 1.Though my life may not be terribly extraordinary, I hope to muddle through this blog and figure myself out a little more and 2.I’m rather sick of people using the phrase damsel in distress. Damsel in distress encapsulates the idea that women are incapable of anything without a man by her side. Don’t get me wrong, there is such a value to finding love and being in relationships, but that is not what should identify a woman.

You are not Johnny’s girl, or Billy’s wife. As Dr. Seuss so eloquently put it “you are you, and isn’t that pleasant?” There are plenty of women out there with great ideas whose voices should be heard. These women deserve to be recognized for those accomplishments, rather than the ‘accomplishment’ of securing a man. Women need to stop waiting for a man to make their dreams come true, and make the success they seek on their own.

Is the Feminist Movement Over?

We have come so far in feminism, and yet we must go farther still. There is so much that we have yet to do. Even if women are considered equal on paper, in life that is still not the case. Why are there fewer women than men in STEM? Why isn’t there a female president yet? Why are women still paid less?

These should not be issues we are still dealing with in the 21st century.

So here’s to feminism and to trying new things. Here’s to learning new ways to make success a reality and figuring what the heck success even is to begin with. Here’s to trying, failing, and trying again.

This blog is my guide for what to do and what not to do in life, from my real life experience. Expect feminist rants, a ton of listicles, advice articles, and personal accounts of me struggling to figure out what life is really all about.

Thanks for reading my first blog post, and I wish you all a Happy New Year!!


P.S. I read that it’s blogging taboo to have more than one exclamation mark in a blog post. I just put two in the same sentence. If nothing else in this post has convinced you to keep reading my blog, hopefully this proof of me ‘living on the edge’ will… !!! <-(#livingthewildchildlife)



  1. You are amazing Dana!!! This sounds great and I enjoyed it!!! Please continue and I will definitely be reading more of your blogs!!


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