5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Introvert Best Friend

My Obsession with Personality Quizzes

I’ll admit it freely. I’m obsessed with personality quizzes. Ask me which Disney Princess, color, season, or Harry Potter character I am and I’ll give you an answer. I’m not the best at introspective thinking, so I love people (aka quizzes) doing the thinking for me in order to better understand myself as a person. The fact that I can tell you which Disney Princess I’m most like, what I would be if I were an element, which color best describes my personality, and more, probably tells you that I most certainly spend enough time taking personality quizzes.

My favorite personality quiz is the Meyers Brigg personality test. I’ve probably taken it at least seven times. Each time my results are slightly different, but I’m most regularly an ENTJ. Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinker, Judicial. The one that never changes, though, is extrovert.


As an extrovert, I get my energy from people and require a fair amount of attention. Because of this, my animalistic instincts sometimes take over when other extroverts enter my ‘territory’ and steal too much of the spotlight (I’m not greedy, I just want to talk some of the times).

Don’t get me wrong, I love other extroverts and have many extroverted friends as well. I’m simply saying that it can be hard for me to have an extrovert as a best friend. Luckily, my best friend happens to be an introvert, and our friendship is nearly perfect. Here are five reasons why having an introvert best friend is the best thing imaginable.

Reasons for an Introverted Best Friend

  1. An Introvert Doesn’t Mind Over-sharing

The best way for an extrovert to figure out his or her thoughts is through speaking out loud. Extroverts are shallow, not because they don’t have deep thoughts, but merely because every thought they have they speak aloud. This can sometimes come across as too much information or bluntness, but an introverted best friend knows that they don’t mean it in an offensive manner. Introverts, instead, listen and nod politely, entertained by the comical amount of information being shared.

  1. An Introvert Listens

Extroverts think out loud. When they have a problem, the best way for them to deal with it is to talk the issue to death. However, around other extroverts everyone needs to share their problems. The perks of having an introvert best friend is that they listen, and don’t mind it. Listening is something they’re good at, and enjoy. In talking to an introvert, you have someone ready to hear the whole rant as you talk until you are blue in the face.

  1. An Introvert Enjoys Comfortable Silence

Even as an Extrovert, talking can get hard. Having an introvert best friend allows you to have comfortable silence, without it being awkward. As the extrovert best friend, you are charged with keeping the conversation going. If the conversation stops, that is just as well for your introvert best friend. It simply means more time for them to think. Comfortable silence can be the ultimate test on an introvert/extrovert friendship. Once maximum comfortable silence is achieved, you know the two of you are truly at peace.

  1. An Introvert Forgives Bad First Impressions

Introverts get it. First impressions are tough. Many introverts feel they are often labeled shy or uninterested, when really they just have little they feel they need to add to the conversations. While it isn’t always as hard for extroverts during first impressions, there are some issues. Many people can get turned off meeting an extrovert for the first time, because this thing that called ‘word vomiting’ tends to happen. To avoid awkward pauses, extroverts keep talking and talking until the person thinks they’re either narcissistic or intolerably talkative. In reality, that’s just an expression of nerves-in a different form.

  1. An Introvert Loves Deeply

While extroverts seem to have an abundance of friends, introverts only give their time to people they deem worthy of it. Consequently, it is harder to become friends with an introvert. They don’t need constant companionship or attention. However, if you do become best friends with an introvert you know they will love and care for you deeply and truly. They will put 110% into the friendship because they have decided that you, for some lucky reason, are worth it.


1 Comment

  1. That is SO true! My best friend is an ambivert who really likes to share. I’m more of an introvert and I’m just like you said: always ready to listen and to love deeply.


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