10 Signs You’re A Tea Addict

“You can never find a book long enough or a cup of tea large enough to satisfy me.”-C.S. Lewis

            The United States is a country dominated by the coffee industry. However, there is a growing minority of tea drinkers slowly bringing back tea to America. It’s time for tea to be restored to its rightful place as most popular beverage. Here are ten signs that you, too, want America to favor the greatest beverage ever to grace this Earth: tea.

  1. You know that tea is good for all days.

Every tea addict knows that the solution to every problem is a big cup of tea. Whether you just found out you’re getting a promotion or your dog just died, nothing goes better with strong emotions than a cup of tea. As for weather, tea is just as versatile. While tea can warm the soul in the fall and winter, it can also refresh thirsty beach-goers with just a couple ice cubes in the spring and summer.

  1. You drink at least a cup a day

Tea addicts can’t go a day without at least one cup of tea. A tea lover’s schedule goes as follows: black tea in the morning to wake up, a sweet tea for an afternoon snack, and a cup of peppermint or chamomile for relaxation before bedtime.

  1. You don’t understand why the USA hasn’t adopted England’s teatime yet

Seriously, U.S. what’s wrong with you? English teatime has perfected the idea of socialization: adorable biscuits, pastries, tea, and talking. True tea lovers have secretly imagined, at least once, moving to England, just to finally be at a place that gives tea the love it deserves.

  1. You acquire mugs like nobody’s business

Your collection may have started small, but from travelling and gifts, it has gotten out of control. Each mug is special to you, and carries a memory of a person or a place. It doesn’t help, too, that all your friends probably know you’re a tea addict and continue to buy you mugs for your Birthday and Christmas. However, you aren’t one to complain because it simply enhances your collection. And, although no one says it, you know all your friends are secretly jealous of your collection of mugs.

  1. You still manage to run out of mugs

Despite the sheer number of mugs you have, you constantly run out. That’s because mugs slowly accumulate around the room, unwashed and stained with a brown ring along the water line. Due to always forgetting to wash your mugs, most of them having the signature tea stain permanently stained into your mug, which only makes you love them more.

  1. Coffee drinkers confuse you

You secretly hate every single time your friends ask you to catch up and grab a coffee. When you do go, you face the inevitable explanation as to why you are ordering a vanilla chai (because that’s the only tea that coffee shops ever serve) rather than a cappuccino or macchiato. Furthermore, you face the secret embarrassment and shame of having no idea what all the different coffee terms mean, and pray for the day you can take your friend to a teashop and look like an expert.

  1. You’re repulsed by what non-tea drinkers pass off as tea

Any lecture, social event, or airline you go to can never make tea properly, according to your standards. They constantly buy cheap flavorless bags of tea, and try to pass it off as real tea. Each event you attend, you are faced with the horrible predicament of drinking tea worse than Lipton, or going without any tea at all. Sadly, being the tea addict that you are, you know that a lecture with a cup of crappy tea is better than one without any tea at all.

  1. You shudder inside when a person fails to properly steep their teas

You find it hard to be friends with people that boil water, stick the tea bag in, and drink it right away. Don’t they know that white tea only needs 1-2 minutes, while black tea needs 2-3? How can they drink a pot of rooibos that has been steeped for less than five minutes? The heathens.

  1. You not only know the differences between all the tea types, but you make sure each kind is represented in your tea supply

Pu-erh, Black, White, Green, Rooibos, and Oolong- all need representation in a tea addict’s cabinet. After all, different tea types evoke different feelings and emotions. A tea addict knows that the more variety a person has, the more complex a person is.

  1. The best imaginable day is sitting in a cozy chair with a book and tea in hand.

The final and distinctive symptom of a tea lover is when nothing is more satisfying than a book and a large cup of tea. Tea is not truly complete without a book in hand, and the ability to sit in wonder and warmth for hours on end. At the end of the day, tea speaks to your soul, and you know you couldn’t survive without it.




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