It’s Called The Pink Tax, And It’s Screwing You Over

A study from the state of California discovered that women pay approximately $1,351 more than men each year for similar goods and services. Just multiply that times the average life span of a woman (73 years old), and you get a whopping total of $98,623. Let’s take a look at the day in the life of an average female, and see what happens.

It’s 7:15 AM. Your alarm goes off. You roll out of bed, reluctantly, to take a shower. Of course, you need your shampoo and conditioner (which costs you 48% more than what a man pays for the same thing). Add some body wash (6% more then a similar male product), a razor (11% more), and some lotion (also 11%) and you’re finally out of the shower and already in debt!

Now you’re ready to dry your hair with your blow dryer ($20 a guy will never need to spend) and put on your make up. It’s estimated that women spend $15,000 over their whole lifetime on make up alone. Oh well, I guess that dream vacation you’ve wanted all your life isn’t that important anyways… After all, you know when you don’t wear make up all your co-workers ask if you’ve been crying or why you look so tired. It’s just not feasible not to wear any make up in this appearance-driven society.

Time to pick out an outfit! Of course, you can’t just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt like a guy can. Even if you could, it’s estimated that you’d pay 8% more for the same exact t-shirt and jeans, just because you’re a woman. Not that it matters that much. Those gym shorts and t-shirt would really be much more comfortable, but thanks to gender norms, you feel obligated to wear a dress or skirt to prove your femininity.

Before you get out the door, you quickly stop in the bathroom to relieve yourself. When you enter the bathroom, surpriseeee!! It’s your favorite friend, your time of the month! Sadlly, tampons and pads aren’t cheap. To make matters worse, they are still considered a ‘luxury’ and, therefore, have a luxury tax placed on them. It is approximately $6 for a box of pads and another $6 for tampons. Feeling broke yet? You haven’t even left your house!

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all consist of healthy food to help you lose the weight that society claims is ‘between you and who you want to be.’ You silently swear to yourself that if you have to pay $8.50 again for another wilted unappetizing salad, compared to the $5 for two slices of pizza slice (which are more filling anyway), you’ll quit your diet and accept being fat for the rest of your life. Why is it so expensive to be healthy?

You finally get out of work, and are free to run errands. You’ve been noticing your hair is getting uneven at the ends, and end up paying more for your trim than a guy would for an entire new style. Then, you remember that girl from your office commenting too on the fact that your eyebrows looked a bit bushy today, so you pay $15 to have them waxed. You’re glad she didn’t notice your chewed up nails, which are in desperate need of some polish and treatment ($15, if you could afford it).

By nighttime you’re worn out and done. You sit in front of your TV, eat your healthy dinner (which costs more because it has the words ‘low-fat’ printed on them), and cry about how expensive it is to be a female (tissues: $2). The best part of it all? In addition to all these costs, you get paid $.77 for every dollar a male makes, and that’s only if you’re white!

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