A Blog For Every Type Of Feminist

There is no such thing as a single-issue feminist. Feminism is so much more than women’s rights alone—it incorporates different races, countries, educational backgrounds, and so much more. For all the feminists looking for a blog that discusses more specific subject matter, I’ve comprised a list of a few of my favorite blogs featuring a variety of interests. If you have a favorite blog not on here, let me know!

  1. For the Girly Girl


Hellogiggles.com, founded by one of my favorite feminists, Zooey Deschanel, is cute, inspiring, and easily digestable. It features articles about health, love, life, style, and entertainment. It’s a beautifully designed website with enough content to keep you clicking for hours to come. The best part? It’s a website devoted to positivity, so you don’t have to worry about being drained by depressing articles or negative comments.

  1. For the Media Buff



From the low-budget local artist to the blockbuster of the year, bitchmedia.org has it all. Some of the highlights of bitchmedia.org include their ‘bitchtapes’ featuring a variety of talents artists and their funny and fresh ‘propaganda’ pieces. You’ll never run out of things to read, watch, and listen to on this online magazine.

  1. For the Christian Feminist



The goal of The Junia Project is “to advocate for the inclusion of women in leadership in the Christian church and for mutuality in marriage.” Filled with articles analyzing biblical passages and discussing women’s role in the church, this blog equips women struggling to find justice in the Christian church. The blog was named after Junia, a woman apostle whose name was later rewritten to ‘Junias,’ who was considered male. The blog’s goal is to investigate the patriarchal presence in both the modern and historical Christian church–in the hopes of finding the truth behind it.

  1. For the Muslim Feminist



It is no mystery that Muslim women are some of the most oppressed women around the world. The author reveals the many terrors a Muslim woman will face throughout her life, in a way that is both inspiring and deeply heart-breaking. This blog will make you grateful for the privileges you have, and want to find a way to help those without.

  1. For the Black Feminist



Blackgirldangerous.org is written by black women for black women. It’s inspiring to read the articles about intersectional feminism that seems to be lacking in a lot of ‘generic’ feminist sites. Blackgirldangerous.org also features a section on mental health, an issue people are still trying to learn about. Anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and many other mental health problems are discussed in a way of love rather than hate and dismissiveness.

  1. For the Nerdy Girl



Amy Poehler has been a source of inspiration for women everywhere since her start on SNL and transition to Parks and Recreation. If you thought she couldn’t get any more incredible, wait until you read amysmartgirls.com, a site featuring empowering women achieving their dreams. Not only does the site highlight strong women changing the world (particularly in the STEM field), but it also has plenty of hysterical video blogs in the typical Poehler-esque sarcastic humor.

  1. For the Latina



Although she is young, author Juliana Schwartz has a passion and a strong voice on what it means to be a latina feminist. She deals with issues such as immigration, feminism, and latino culture. With very few blogs out there with such a specific focus, latinafeminista.com is great for women who feel ostracized from the feminist movement due to it’s “white-washed” focus.

  1. For the Career Girl



Shetakesontheworld.com is a website filled with practical advice on how to achieve your career goals. With articles and videos on interviewing tips, what it means to be a woman in an industry, and how to earn money, this blog gives great advice on how to be a more successful career woman. Bonus: if you don’t have time to read a bunch of articles (or you just hate reading!) this blog is almost entirely videos. They’re funny, educational, and inspiring. I guarantee you this blog will start to change your world!

  1. For the History Nerd



If you ever need to be reminded of how incredible women can be, look no further than sheheroes.org. Divided into different career categories, you can easily find inspiring women in whatever field you are entering. There are also videos featuring modern day “Sheheroes” doing incredible things around the world.

  1. The World Traveller



No site will give you wanderlust and travel envy quite like solofemaletravel.net, which features dozens of amazing places around the world. Solofemaletravel.net also gives handy tips for traveling, such as how to save money and how to be smart while traveling alone.

  1. For the Nature Lover



What Ecofeminismblog lacks in aesthetic web design, it makes up for in strong content. Although the topics are heavy and fairly cerebral, any feminist with an intense interest in ecology will surely grasp the importance of the topics discussed in this blog. Another bonus for this blog is just how new this branch of feminism is. As we learn more and more about the environment around us, I believe feminism and nature will become more and more intertwined.

  1. For the Moms



Although she may not be the domestic goddess you typically envision a stay-at-home mom to be, this author is quirky, relatable, and quick to make you pee your pants with laughter. I think the best thing about this blog is her honesty about not being the ‘perfect mom.’ She admits to the hardships of being a mother and she is honest with her struggles and weaknesses. For all the moms struggling with these unrealistic mommy expectations, this feel-good blog will make you proud to be the imperfect woman you are.

  1. For the Weight Watcher



It’s not easy to love yourself in a world where every television show and magazine tells you that everything about you is wrong—from how you behave to how you look. This blog tackles heavy topics such as body image and eating disorders to help girls break through society’s obsession with the Barbie figure. All women are beautiful, and this blog is a great support and reminder for girls who fail to recognizes just how special they are.

  1. For the Asian Feminist



Featuring topics relatable to all girls with Asian ancestry, particularly Indian and Middle Eastern, browngirlmagazine.com highlights the various cultures in Asia with regards to how they treat women. Browngirlsmagazine.com teaches reads about global feminism from a perspective largely untold and forgotten.

Happy reading!



  1. You should probs change the “African feminist” because it implies women whose nationalities lie in Africa as opposed to Black feminists in general (which I think you meant?). Or maybe you meant Black American/African-American feminists? Good suggestions tho.


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