A Call To Love: Women’s March on Washington


image-1-1Today isn’t about politics. It isn’t about gender. It isn’t about right versus wrong. Today is about love. It is about loving the weak… the poor… the mistreated. It is about loving the marginalized and the broken. Today is January 21st. Years from now, this day may just be another day of the week. However, this January 21st, 2017 is a victory
for women and people everywhere. It is a sign of solidarity, showing the United States and the
world what we, as Americans, truly stand for.

I could not be there during the March on Washington today. But as I watch, from an ocean away, I could not be prouder. In that grand crowd I saw people of all ethnicities, sexualities, religions, and countries. I saw famous celebrities and single mothers, conservatives and liberals, old and young alike.

Psychologists have determined that our brains are biologically wired to marginalize others.

We are wired to like those that look like us and act like us, and to ‘other’ those who are different. We distance ourselves because we do not understand. And as I sit here, an American in a new country, I feeimagel the ‘othering’ occur every day as I walk down the streets. I see my reflection in the eyes of the people here and the stereotypes that they see. I see what it feels like to labeled as ‘different.’

But when I see this women’s march, I see a break in this norm. I see defiance against the wiring of our brain to love those who are like us and hate those who are different. Because today, on this March on Washington, there is not one group here that dominates. There is no voice in this march that is louder than another. It is the unification of all the ‘other’s’ into the collective ‘we’: ‘we’ the women of the United States, ‘we’ the people of America, ‘we’ the feminists across the world. We can no longer be ‘othered’ and defined as one group of people, because we are all people. We are the storekeepers you pass by every day on the street. We are the taxi drivers that work tirelessly to help their family survive. We are the women who have been abused and raped and violated by a violent society. “This is inclusive and intersectional feminism that calls upon all of us to join upon the resistance of racism.”

Today, “image-3we the people stand together…for inclusion over exclusion.”

In the words of Gloria Steinem, “This is the upside of the downside. This is an outpouring of democracy and people power like I have never see in my life.” So today, as you reflect on the March on Washington, I beg you to put your politics aside. Cast aside your personal opinions. Because, regardless of your language, your political identification, and your religious views, there is one language that transcends all boundaries and that is love. Love your sisters, your neighbors, your brothers, and your marginalized people. Love because that is all we have left; it is the only thread of hope our society has if it wants to continue.

For too long our society has forgotten love, in favor of convenience and laziness.

It has decided that the status quo of hatred and intolerance is easier and simpler. It has decided to let the mind and our natural programming override the heart. But today, and every day going forth, change that. I’m not saying our society will ever be perfect. Blind idealism is the folly before the fall. But every little change is one step further to where we need to go and one step away from where we have been. I personally intend to fight and claw my way toward justice with every fiber of my being until the day that I die. And I hope you will join me, along with my brothers and sisters at this march, to make that change happen too.


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