Seven Women’s Rights Organizations to Support Around the World

Lately I have been convicted to get my finances in order, so that I may better bless the lives of those around me. An incredible pastor, Andy Stanley, preached a sermon series about giving, saying that we should order our finances in this manner: Give, Save, Live. At first, this may seem counterintuitive. If you barely have enough to scrape by, how can you possibly give to others? However, Stanley would argue that the practice of giving makes us more aware of our money and our budget, allowing us to grow richer through better purchases in the long-term.

You may be thinking, “Well that’s all well and great, but I don’t have the money right now.” To this response, Stanley claims that generosity is not based on an income. You’re either a generous person or you aren’t—and there’s no ‘minimum income’ that’s going to magically transform you into a generous person.

In the effort to be more accountable to the many blessings in my life and to end the consumerist cycle we perpetuate in the United States, I want to start being better at giving to others and to issues that I am passionate about. I implore you to join me as well. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest starting with one of these incredible organizations, which are changing the lives of women and families everywhere around the world.


  1. One Girl

Bringing educational programs throughout all of Africa, One Girl strives to educate young women one child at a time. Since the start of the organization, they’ve already created 326 scholarships, educated 1882 women and girls on menstrual health, and added toilet facilities to countless schools to aid both boys and girls, especially young girls with their monthly menstruation. To help out this awesome organization, click the link to see how you can help!


  1. Orchid Project

The Orchid Project focuses on a very serious issue that gets little press in comparison with the rest of women’s right issues. They fight to end the female genital cutting practice that exists in various parts of Africa and Asia. This practice has no known health benefits, and cause serious physical and psychological damage throughout the lives of these women. To help raise awareness, the Orchid Project urges you to sign up for their newsletter, share their information across networks, and fundraise in whatever way possible.


3.  Wash United

Can you imagine having a dire need to use the bathroom, but there isn’t a toilet for miles around? Wash United reveals the statistic that 2.4 billion people still live without a clean toilet to use! That’s almost 40% of the population! This organization advocates for the installation of toilets around the world, putting an emphasis on the menstrual hygiene for women. They are currently holding a Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28th to raise awareness about women’s health. Be sure to check it out and let people know!

  1. Pennies for Peace

“Pennies for Peace” holds a special place in my heart, because my elementary school collaborated with them when I was in 4th grade. “Pennies for peace” promotes female education in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. They stand by the idea that, while pennies are basically worthless in the United States, they hold significant value in impoverished nations. I remember having a ton of fun in school competing among classes for the highest amount of pennies. Check out the link and start collecting pennies today!

  1. Commit 2 Change

 With child marriages, rape crises, and lack of education, it’s no wonder UNICEF decreed India as the worst place to be born a girl. Faced with dire poverty, over 25,000 newborn baby girls are killed every year. Those who are not killed as a child are often “abandoned or sold as child brides and bonded labor.” Commit 2 Change focuses their efforts on secondary education, stating, “if 1% more girls in India get through secondary education, it can add over 5 billion to the GDP of India.” You can help teach girls that there is a hope in their future, by raising support and awareness of this incredible organization.

North America

  1. Girls Who Code

A major problem plaguing the current affairs of the United States is the lack of women in STEM. Girls who Code seeks to address this issue, teaching girls from a young age about the value of coding and pursuing computer-science related fields. They host local chapters and national events, inspiring girls to brave new work sectors.


7. He for She 

The “He for She” movement is based on the notion that men should stand with women in fighting for equality. It is an organization across practically every country, striving to make positive changes for female rights in the areas of education, violence awareness, government, and more. Numerous heads of state, corporate CEOs, and university presidents support them. If you are interested, you can start a local chapter at your school, work, or town.

These are just a few of many organizations that support women all around the globe. It may seem overwhelming with so many incredible groups, but if you pick ONE you’re extremely passionate about you can make a difference. Let’s start changing the world… one women at a time and one dollar at a time.

Let me know if you have any other favorite organizations or if any of this inspired you to make a change in the comments sections below!


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